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German Auto Haus: In Between Servicing

Maintaining the condition and reliability of your vehicle is important. The best way to ensure your prestige auto continues to run well is with regular servicing. However, there are a few things you can do in-between servicing to ensure your vehicle is health and wellbeing:


Checking Fluid Levels

As well as maintaining the drivability of your vehicle, keeping an eye on fluid levels can also mean that potential problems don’t go unnoticed. Some of the fluids you can check and top up in between servicing include engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windscreen washer fluid.


Continually Low Fluid Levels

If you find yourself having to top up a particular fluid regularly or if you notice your vehicle is continually running low on any particular fluid it may be a symptom of a more serious issue and you should get your car checked over by your mechanic.


Suspicious Fluid Leaks

Check your garage floor for marks, stains or fluids as these may indicate leaks in the fuel or coolant systems or within the engine and could be symptomatic of an underlying issue. If you notice something leaking you should book your car in for inspection and analysis.


Using The Right Fluids

Topping up fluids is relatively easy however it’s important to use the correct product for your vehicle. Always consult your cars user manual to identify the correct manufacturer specified fluid for that purpose prior to purchasing any product.


What Else?

It’s not just fluids that you need to keep an eye on in between servicing. Other things you can do to maintain your vehicles health during servicing include:


  • Check the windshield for chips; a small chip can easily lead to a full-blown crack. A cracked windscreen is unsafe and can affect the roadworthiness of your vehicle. It’s better to attend to chips as soon they occur. It’s much cheaper and easier to repair a chip than to replace a cracked windscreen.


  • Check headlights, tail lights and indicators; headlights, tail lights and indicators are important when it comes to keeping you and others safe whilst driving and can affect the roadworthiness of your vehicle.


  • Replace blown fuses; the fuses are designed to protect your electronics from sudden surges of electricity. Replacing fuses is a relatively easy task however it is important to always replace a fuse with one of the same size, colour and amperage.


  • Check tyre tread for low tread or uneven wear and replace tyres as necessary; driving with worn tyres makes it difficult to maintain the correct level of grip on the road surface, leading to unsafe driving conditions. Apart from being unsafe, worn tyres can also affect the road worthiness of your vehicle.


  • Check tyre pressure and top up air in tyres; maintaining the correct tyre pressure increases fuel economy, improves steering capability and ensures your car holds safely to the road. For a precise reading use a pressure gauge, available at most petrol stations. Custom and performance tyres will have specific tyre pressure requirements, however for most cars standard cars on the road a tyre pressure of between 34-36 PSI is sufficient.


Warning Signs

Sometimes no matter how well you maintain your car things can still go wrong. You will need to visit a mechanic sooner rather than later if you notice and of the following warning signs:


  • You hear unusual noises
  • You feel unusual vibrations
  • A dashboard warning light comes on intermittently
  • A dashboard warning light remains on
  • The oil pressure gauge reads low
  • The temperature gauge reads hot
  • The car has a tendency to wander or steer to one side
  • You experience any abnormalities when braking
  • The car uses more fuel or oil than usual
  • The car is difficult to start
  • The car is running roughly
  • The car leaves oil or coolant on the driveway
  • The car has a smoky exhaust


Knowing What To Do

The key to good car maintenance is knowing when to do something yourself and when to call the experts. If you’re not sure the best thing to do is book your car in for an inspection and let your mechanic guide you.


German Auto Haus – German Automotive Servicing Specialists

With over 30 years experience specialising in prestige German cars, the mechanics at German Auto Haus are dedicated to providing your prestige vehicle with first-class service. For more information or to book in for service you can contact us via phone on 03 9427 0766 or email at