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German Auto Haus: Supplier Profile - Peninsula BM

If good processes and procedures are important for a business to operate efficiently and effectively then our friends at Peninsula BM have got things covered.


Located in Mornington, Peninsula BM is Australia's largest BMW only specialist dismantler and parts supplier, offering genuine, OEM, aftermarket, new, used and reconditioned parts and panels to suit every BMW from the currents to the classics for both local and imported cars.


Proprietor Dean How recently gave us a tour of their new premises. We love working with people who are passionate about what they do, and Dean would have to be one of the most passionate guys you could come across. Dean has interests in everything automotive, but you could really see his passion shine as he walked us though his new facility explaining how a part starts its life on a wrecked car and ends up tested and tagged and on a dedicated shelf in the warehouse.


The beauty of this well organised system is that when a customer rings up for a part, regardless of how old or new the vehicle or common or obscure the part, the team at Peninsula BM can instantly locate it in stock and have it shipped the same day.


At Peninsula BM every part has a part number, every part is labelled with its part number and every part is stored in a logical numerical order that relates to the part number.


Dean has invested countless hours perfecting his labelling and storage processes and systems, and it shows! Peninsula BM would have to be one of the most well organised and well run businesses we know, and it’s a credit to Dean and all his hard work.


Dean is living proof that if you are passionate enough about something, you can put your mind to anything. Most people would have been daunted with the prospect of creating an organised system to track and store literally hundreds of thousands of parts into a logical order. But with his unbridled passion and enthusiasm Dean has managed to do just this.


Like with anything, there can always be tweaks and improvements. And once you finish one job, you have 100 more. But Dean is in his element and we feel comfortable that when we have an old classic BMW in our workshop that requires a part no longer in production, Dean will be able to find us just the part we need.


Thanks for the tour Dean and we look forward to visiting you and your team again soon. Check out the videos:



In Video One Dean shows us how they store, file and label fuel injectors:


In Video Two Dean shows us how they store, file and label pulleys:


In Video Three Dean shows us how they organise their new parts section by brand so that customers have easy access to whichever type of new part they want – whether genuine, OEM or other depending on the customers budget and how much they want to pay:


Dean How

Peninsula BM

Factory 7 / 145 Mornington-Tyabb Road

Mornington VIC

1800 064 934