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German Auto Haus: The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Washing Your Own Car

There’s no better feeling than seeing your car shine and sparkle after a thorough, deep, professional clean. However, a thorough wash at home can be just as good as long as we avoid making a few common mistakes that could threaten to ruin the final look with streaks, smears or even scratches.


Here’s a list of the top seven biggest mistakes people can make when washing their car:


  1. Thinking it’s okay to wash your car with dishwashing liquid

As straightforward as it sounds, you should not use dishwashing liquid on your car. This is because it is not PH neutral so it can be damaging to your car’s paintwork. To take care of your car and give it a satisfying shine, use only a proper, good quality wash and wax.


  1. Cleaning from the top and forgetting the wheels

The wheels and tyres are the dirtiest parts of the car which is why a good rule of thumb we go by is to wash these parts first. Once these parts are sparkling, you can then go to the top and work your way down. Just be sure to change the sponge and water before you get to the rest of the car. By doing so, you avoid transferring the grit and rocks from your tyres and wheels over your car’s paintwork, which is damaging.


  1. Using only one sponge for everything

You should always change the sponges and water when moving from the wheels to other areas of your car. This is because it’s so difficult to remove the dirt that gets caught in the sponge. So when you’re cleaning your car, we recommend having several sponges on hand as well as a few buckets of water. For the best results, use a wheel cleaner brush to more effectively remove dirt and grit from your tyres, and a gentle wash mitt or sponge for the rest of your car.


  1. Drying your car with an old beach towel

It’s important to dry your car properly to avoid a spotty or smeared finish. You should use a chamois or a multipurpose microfiber drying towel to give you that fresh, spot-free finish. Both options are very absorbent and will prevent your car from drying with water marks.


  1. Pouring wax or polish directly onto your car

To get the best results, you should always apply wax and polish onto a mitt or cloth instead of pouring it directly onto your car. We recommend using a high-performance wax and polish to preserve your car’s sheen. Before waxing or polishing your car, make sure that your car is dry, as even a small amount of moisture can prevent the wax from evenly bonding with your car’s finish.


  1. using domestic glass cleaners on your windscreen

Windscreens are exposed to more dust and dirt than your household windows. This is why they need something stronger. Your typical gentle household cleaner will simply not cut through such dirt and grime in the same way that a specialised glass cleaner will. With a specialised glass cleaner, your windscreen will be cleared of the toughest dirt, while leaving a sparkly, streak-free finish!


  1. neglecting your leather interior

The interior of your car is just as important as its exterior, so you should also pay attention to keeping it in pristine condition. Use special protectants to keep your leather seats spotless and free of both stains and UV damage. When cleaning and applying leather protectants, use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the surface.


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