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German Auto Haus: The Benefits of Regular Servicing

Let’s face it. No one likes paying for a service. Life is expensive enough already. There’s always something we’d rather be spending our money or other priorities demanding our attention.


Why Regular Servicing Is Important

Whilst putting off servicing might save money in the short term, it can cost more in the long run. Sometimes a lot more. Especially when things go wrong. However, when problems are diagnosed and rectified on time you can save yourself time, money and stress.


The Difference Regular Servicing Makes

Most modern cars will tell you when they’re due for a service, however a good rule of thumb is once every 12 months. To leave servicing any longer means fluids can go stale, rubbers and seals can become brittle, critical safety issues may not be identified and minor faults can lead to something major if they go unnoticed or are left unattended.


The Benefits of Regular Servicing

There are many benefits to regular servicing include lower running costs, reduced fuel consumption, increased fuel efficiency, extended engine life, preventing wear of moving parts, maintaining safety and road worthiness, reducing the instance of breakdown, improving the cars performance, extending the cars life and maintaining resale value.


Improved Performance

Regular servicing will maintain the overall health of your vehicle ensuring it maintains optimum performance enhancing your driving experience.


Improved Safety

Regular servicing ensures your vehicles safety standards and features are maintained.


Lower Risk of Malfunction

A vehicle that has not been well maintained is less likely to suffer breakdown.


Improved Fuel Efficiency

A regularly serviced vehicle can avoid issues that lead to poor fuel economy.


Prolonged Life

Regular servicing gives you the benefit of prolonging your car’s service life, as it remains in top condition.


Resale Value

There is a noticeable difference between a well-maintained car and a neglected one. If your car has been regularly serviced and maintained, and your log book has been updated at each visit, you can be more confident your car will retain its resale value when it comes time to sell or trade in.


What To Look Out For

  • Engine oils – when oils become old and stale they lose viscosity causing an inferior oil which creates wear on the engine components. Stale, old oils can also carry impurities which are damaging to engines affecting the performance of the vehicle
  • Fuel Filters - clean and undamaged filters stop unwanted foreign particles entering the engines complicated combustion process where they can cause damage. When a fuel filter can’t do its job properly it restricts the flow of the fuel. This restriction changes the delivery pressures causing fuel starvation and a reduction of power
  • Air filters – when air filters become clogged they reduce the air flow into the combustible part of the engine also causing a reduction of metered air affecting performance and efficiency
  • Cabin filters – stop dangerous fumes and harmful bacteria entering the cabin air which you breathe
  • Brake pads – old, worn brake pads generate heat. This cases them to become less effective and it increases the temperature of the brake fluid which deteriorates the fluid over time. Old and worn brake pads can also surpass their minimum thickness compromising safety
  • Brake components - old and worn brake components such as disc rotors are also less likely to perform to manufacturers specifications, impacting on the safety of the vehicle
  • Brake fluids and steering fluids – Fluids are essential to lubricate moving the moving parts of your vehicle and to avoid wear and tear. Your mechanic will check fluid levels and check for fluid leaks
  • Tyres – tyre condition, tyre tread and tyre air pressure will affect the efficiency, economy and driveability of the vehicle. Deflated tyres will increase running costs as the engine has to work harder
  • Wheels – correctly aligned wheels prevent abnormal and unnecessary wear and tear on tyres and affect steering
  • Steering and suspension – components such as shockers, arms, joints and bushes all contribute to the vehicles safety. A person driving a car with worn shocks is less likely to be able to control the position of the wheels when travelling over rough surfaces


German Auto Haus – German Automotive Servicing Specialists

With over 30 years experience specialising in prestige European cars, the mechanics at German Auto Haus are dedicated to providing your prestige vehicle first-class service. We have professional Porsche mechanics in Melbourne and can also provide high-quality Audi, BMW or VW service in Melbourne.