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German Auto Haus: The Dangers Of Shopping On Price

Maintaining a vehicle can be expensive, so we appreciate people shopping around for the best price. In fact, we have gained some of our best and most loyal customers in this way!


However, shopping on price can be a trap. If an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. You get what you pay for. So, if another business is offering the same repair for half the price then the cost savings will have to come from somewhere. You’re either paying less for parts, meaning they may not be using genuine or EOM parts, or you’re paying less for labour, meaning they may not be spending as long on the car as they potentially should be.


You may be saving money in the short term, but you may find you experience problems down the track, ultimately costing you more than if you had decided to go somewhere more reliable in the first place.


Avoid Price Shock - Get A Written Quote

Before getting your car serviced, ask for a written estimate that details exactly what work is to be done, which parts need to be changed or supplied, how long the servicing will take and how much the labour will cost.


Diagnosing a cars problems is not always straightforward. Aside from the original assessment, the mechanic may uncover other faults before starting repairs. Understandably these may not have been included in the original estimate. To avoid any unwanted surprises, make it clear that you would like your mechanic to contact you if they identify any other work that needs to be done beyond the original estimate. This ensures clear communication around work will be done, how much it will cost and how long it will take.


You can also ask your mechanic to advise you of any work they identify may need to be done in the future. Together you can outline and agree on a clear maintenance plan.


Repair Charges: Unlocking the Mystery

Before having any work performed on your vehicle, we recommend that you ask your local mechanic how they price their services. Some businesses charge a flat rate on car repairs while others charge based on the hours spent working on the vehicle. One thing to also keep in mind is that most workshops also charge for diagnostic assessments even if you end up deciding not to have the work done.


What should I know about the parts to be repaired or replaced?

There are many different parts and components used to repair cars. These can be classified as:


  • New parts – are parts that are made to the original manufacturer’s specifications, either by the vehicle manufacturer (OEM), or by an independent company
  • Remanufactured, rebuilt and reconditioned parts – are pre-used parts that have been restored to good working condition
  • Salvaged parts – are parts that have been taken from another vehicle without alteration


Warranties and Quality

We highly recommend that you ensure your mechanic is using only genuine or OEM parts. This will ensure the repair is reliable and your car’s warranty is protected. Many parts manufacturers will offer a warranty covering replacement parts. However, these warranties do not extend to cost of labour required to install them.


Scarcity of Parts for Older and Classic Vehicles

It should be noted that new parts may not always be available for older and classic vehicles. A good mechanic will have reliable sources of high quality second hand and reconditioned parts or may suggest reconditioning your own part if a better quality replacement cannot be found.


What Do I Need Post Service or Repair?

After each service, make sure that your invoice lists each individual component of the repair. This means a complete list of each repair, which parts have been supplied and the cost of each part, the labour charges and the odometer reading. You can also ask for all replaced parts, however be aware replaced parts are not automatically kept. If you want your replaced parts you need to advise your repairer prior to work commencing on your vehicle. Don’t just assume a busy workshop will keep all parts from every car they service.


German Auto Haus - Get the ultimate care for your prestige vehicle.

With over 30 years experience specialising in prestige German cars, the mechanics at German Auto Haus are dedicated to providing your prestige vehicle with first-class service. For more information or to book in for service you can contact us via phone on 03 9427 0766 or email at